Quiz 1 :-

Q1.Consider statements On (I4C):

  1. It’s International initiative deal with cyber crime launch in 2018.
  2. Aim to establish secure communication channel for sharing information among member countries.

Select correct answer
C.2 only
Answer- C

Explination – It is Indian initiative.

Q2.About CCTNS:
1.It is Mission Mode Project under National e governance plan (NeGP).
2.It launch in 2009, comes under ministry of Home Affairs.

Select correct answer
A.1 only


Q3. Indian National satellite system :

  1. It is Geostationary satellite Programme ,operational since 1983.
  2. It has Ku band.
  3. It has function of DRT only and not SAR-S.
    Select correct pairs
    A. One only
    B. Two pairs
    C.Three pairs
    D. None

Answer: C

  1. Is incorrect It has both DRT and SAR-S

Q4.Which of the following statements are correct:

  1. Artemis accord established by NASA and ESA by Outer Space Treaty Of 1967.
  2. NASA plans to demonstrate new technology for future exploration including Mars and Moon.
  3. India is one of 7 founding members.

Choose correct answer
A.1 only
B.2 and 3
D. Neither

Answer: C

  1. It is of US and NASA
  2. India is not founding member.
    7 founding members are Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom

Q5.About NISAR:
1.It will be the first satellite mission to use two different radar frequencies (L-band and S-band).
2.It will observe Earth’s land and ice-covered surfaces globally.
3.It will map entire globe in one year.

Select incorrect answer
D.1,2 3

Answer :- A

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