Member   -)  5  (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

  • NDB referred as “BRICS Development Bank .
  • Multilateral development Bank
  • Bank support public are private projects through loans guarantees, equity participation.
  • Formation -)      July 2014 (signed Treaty) Sixth BRICS summit on Fortaleza, Brazil

July 2015 (come in force)

In 2018 the NBD achieved observer status at UNGA

  • Type- Internal Financial Destination
  • Headquarter – Shanghai, China
  • Capital – $10 billion.
  • 1st regional office NDB is in south Africa.
  • 2nd Regional office was established in 2019 in Brazil.
  • AIM- Contribute to development place established nationally through project their socially economical and environmentally sustainable.


  • Idea for setting up bank given by India at 4th BRICS summit in 2012 held in Delhi.

Organs :-

  • Board of governor
  • Board of director
  • President and vice president

1st President of NDB way India’s K.V. Kamath.

2nd Current is Brazil’s Macros Prado / since 20


  • Promote infrastructure and sustainable development project.
  • Established extensive network of global partnership with other multilateral development institution and national development bank
  • Build a balanced project portfolio giving a proper respect to their geographic location financing requirement and other factors.


  • As of November 2020, it had approved projects totaling $21 billion in five BRICS nations in the areas of clean energy, urban development, social infrastructure, water resource management, and environmental efficiency.
  • Local currencies are used as the denominator in 27% of bank project approvals. NDB has received favourable ratings from rating agencies.
  • NDB pledged a $10 billion Emergency Assistance Program for its members to help combat the epidemic and its effects during COVID-19.

Concerns :-

  • The project’s financing in this way is not environmentally sustainable. The trans-Amazonian highway project in Brazil, for instance, would negatively impact the ecologically fragile Amazon forest.
  • In general, the bank’s use of borrowing for projects that it approved violates socio-environmental standards. It must be ensured that environmental harm does not outweigh project advantages economically. (Balancing efforts for the environment and social good)

Investment in India by NDB :-

  • Emergency assistance program in combating COVID -19
  • Mumbai urban transport project – Phase 3
  • REC Renewable energy sector development project
  • Indore metro rail project
  • Manipur water supply project
  • Assam bridge project
  • Mumbai metro rail project
  • Madhya Pradesh bridge and road project
  • Meghalaya eco tourism infrastructure development project
  • Sustainable low carbon rail infrastructure program

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